reliability in digital image production


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Digital photography has unquestionably advanced to be one of the major image capture technologies as most juvenile problems are nowadays diminished and technical standards have been achieved to deliver highest qualities for any purpose.


Thus it is no surprise that photographers no longer demand higher resolutions, but instead request a stable production process. In most cases neither at the time the picture is taken nor at the time image retouching takes place is the photographer familiar with which technologies the image might - if ever - be brought to paper. Whether the image is imaged to photographic paper, output to an inkjet printer or is actually sheetfed or web printed the output quality will differ markedly amongst different technologies.


How should the photographer take care of achieving not only a similar output on each machine but also ensure that the best possible quality can be achieved each time? How can the computer's display be setup to best ensure a reliable preview of what the output will look like?

Even though the news about colormanagment solving main issues has widely been spread many questions have yet to be answered.


- How can the photo artist give proof about the professional quality of his digital assets?
- How can the photo lab give proof of having professionally post processed the digital data?


The general idea to solve these important issues has evolved in a working group, founded at the beginning of July 2003, dedicated to develop market accepted recommendations for not just these but also accompanying issues. The name of the group: Photogamut.

First goals are:


- To define an optimized RGB working space for digital photography.
- To develop control elements to assist the exchange, processing, and output of digital images.


A major point of this project's conception is to provide the resulting elements as open-source, available to the public and also make available all findings and research results.


Preferably a community of dedicated photographers, photo labs and solution providers should be founded to thoroughly test the tools and participate in the process of improving them and bringing them to perfection.


This website will be the platform to introduce the findings and provide all information about the current stage of the development. If you would like to participate and contribute to the success of the project please feel free to contact us.