reliability in digital image production


The working group PhotoGamut
Creating and optimizing of color management workflows including photographic control tools takes many tests and a lot of work which can better by done by a group than by a single person.

We prefer a working model which is based on the so-called „open-source“-philosophy. All essential tools like the standard profile PhotoGamutRGB.icc, test images including camera profiles and a digital control step wedges will be available free of charge. They are going to be tested and - if necessary - optimized by the working group.

Based on the public-domain-tools there might follow commercial products and services. These could be color managemnt services, software and trainings around digital photography or more extensive and powerfull control tools.

Beside building up the working group - which should basicly consist of end-users - we would like to get in touch with manufacturers and providers of software, digital cameras and output systems.

Our goal should be the joint creation of solutions which help making color management as easy and reliable as possible - from input to output. Our group is open to everybody who wants to co-operate and who shares our goals - especially the common availability.


The founding members



from left to right: Jens Rubbert, Dietmar Wüller, Heinz-Jürgen Groß, Dietmar Fuchs, Jan-Peter Homann

Jens Rubbert
works for Fuji Photo Film (Europe) GmbH and is an expert for image quality and color management. He started studying color management systems more than ten years ago - especially in the RGB world. His experince as a photographer combined with his knowledge as a photo engineer lead to practically and quality-oriented solutions. In the Photoindustrieverband he coordinated the development of the DQ-Tool.


Dietmar Wüller
is owner and manager of the German company Image Engineering. He also works on standards around digital photography as a member of DIN and ISO. In his company, one of his topics is testing digital cameras and scanners for journals like ColorFoto and c't.
Additionally, he gives lessons on color management in his own training rooms. He also is a consultant in the fields of color management and digital photography.

Heinz Jürgen Groß
As a photographer and photo engineer, he consistently focused his career on pictuer quality. After more than twenty years as a professional imager he is absolutely convinced that practical experience is at least valuable as theoretical knowledge.
Ten years if professional labs as technical manager, subsequently technical support and service for Fuji Photo Film, and finally management of the product testing laboratory at Agfa-Gevaert AG were his stations before starting his owns business.
Since end of 2001 he owns the company DeltaE. Image Consulting which is specialized on color management in the RGB world. In summer 2003, he launched „ProfileC@re“ - a concept for controlling and assuring digital picture quality.


Dietmar Fuchs
is photo engineer and works as Product Manager at the RIP company GMG GmbH.

GMG develops high end proof and workflow systems for the graphic industry. Dietmar Fuchs keeps close contact to organisations and selected users; this helps transferring the users daily work needs into GMG products.


Jan-Peter Homann
is author of the standard book: "Digitales Colormanagement". Since the very early availibility of the first programs for generating and working with ICC profiles he is a beta-Tester for this kind of software. He mainly works on bug-trapping, quality assurance and optimisation of color management workflows.